Wadi Rum

“The Valley of the Moon”, depicted as Mars in several Hollywood feature films Wadi Rum is an Arabian fairy-tale waiting to be discovered. Home to nomadic Bedouin tribes, Wadi Rum is a a quiet getaway of stars, sand, and sun; a perfect complement from Amman’s epicenter. Once inhabited by the Nabataeans of prehistoric times, Wadi Rum allows you to get lost in large landscapes and horizon lines. The calmness of the desert is sure calm your spirit and de-clutter your thoughts. Wadi Rum is waiting for you.  

Sky Gate Telescope

Gaze into “a unique window into the heavens.” 

Sky Gate Telescope is an experience that allows visitors to peel back the curtains of the cosmos. The first public telescope in the Middle East and the largest in Jordan, Sky Gate is ideal for both astronomers and tourists. Wonder at the universe and get a small taste of the infinite. Schedule your viewing today.



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